Lamb Kebab

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Lamb Kebab

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“Forgot to take photos of the kebabs I made, they all went too quickly & everyone thought they were shop bought as they were so good! Used the lamb kebab mix & the samosa mix, both delicious and cooked well on the BBQ, thank you Mama Dor!” Jane

Forget the takeaway, these can be on the table within 45 mins of you opening the spice jar! These kebabs are super delicious and easy to make. Beautiful with a dollop of raita and a warm pitta bread.

All Mama Dor’s spice blends come with an easy to follow laminated recipe card. No hard to find ingredients or complicated instructions.

All spice blends are provided in an environmentally friendly, refillable glass spice jar. Note, If you’re not local, we’ll provide your refill in a paper bag, with a label. Recipe cards and new jars are not included with refills.

Each jar contains enough blend for 12 servings!

Net Weight: 60g

Ingredients: Cumin, coriander, dried mint, ginger, garlic, salt, garam masala.

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