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I must say, that was some of the best tasting Indian food I have ever had the pleasure of tasting
— Jamie W

Mama Dor's offer a range of authentic Indian spice blends, all hand crafted with love

Just cooked the Gujarati Chicken Masala, absolutely gorgeous! Easy to follow recipe, even my fussy children loved it!
— Georgina T

At Mama Dor's, we are passionate about cooking (and eating!). We believe that Indian food should be prepared without pomp or ceremony, should be eaten without guilt and definitely without any of the hassle.

Originating from India, all our spice blends are authentic, homemade and have been passed down many generations of the Dor family kitchen! So, if you're looking for a Chicken Korma blend, we're sorry but you're in the wrong place. However, if you're looking for authentic flavours that the whole family will enjoy, read on...

Our spice blends have been created to allow you to create fresh, healthy and authentic Indian food in the comfort of your own home. All our blends are sugar & gluten free, suitable for vegans and work beautifully with a wide variety of diets.

Environmentally friendly and plastic free, all our spice blends are provided in a refillable glass jar and come with a laminated, easy to follow recipe card. The recipes are all carefully designed to ensure speed and simplicity, so no having to grind any spices, no fiddling with multiple spice packets per recipe and absolutely no fancy ingredients that you'll never use again! Usually, all you'll need are items you already have in your fridge or store cupboards. 

Of course, if you're comfortable with experimenting, we encourage free-styling too! We always love hearing from our customers about new creations and what family & friends think, so please do get in touch. 

You'll get value for money as each jar contains enough spice blend to feed a family of four, 2-3 times. 

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email.

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Amazing spices! Fab Flavour! Recipe cards are so easy to follow. Love that there is so little oil in any of the recipes
— Nickie B
Just had an amazing meal ... Bombay Potatoes, Gujarati Chicken Masala and Onion Bhajis. Fantastic flavours and super easy recipes to follow
— Kate T


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Mama Dor’s food is absolutely amazing! I recently joined slimming world and I have always love an Indian takeaway. Not only is the food unbelievably tasty and easy to cook, it’s all healthy hearty cooking and saved me a fortune!
— Shannon
Here I am enjoying a sugar replica (sort of!) of me on my 40th birthday

Here I am enjoying a sugar replica (sort of!) of me on my 40th birthday


Hi all I’m Giz, the flavour creator behind Mama Dor’s Kitchen!

Born and bred in Birmingham, Indian food has always been a huge part of my life and I have been so lucky to have been surrounded by a wonderful fusion of cultures and flavours.

I was taught and encouraged to cook from a very young age, making a variety of dishes that the whole family enjoyed (most of the time!). My dad would always tease me and give a score out of ten for each meal I’d created (he had high standards though, and a perfect ten was a coveted thing!). I had mastered the art of round rotis (chapatis) by the age of seven, which made my mum very proud. Wonderful happy memories of growing up around tasty, healthy food with my fabulous family.

So, as a result, I’m always cooking for friends. But I’ve always been sad that so many of my friends shy away from cooking Indian food, opting for a jar or a takeaway. Or even worse, try making their own and have to pay a fortune for numerous spices that they’ll never use again. So I thought I’d change that!

All my spice blends are created by hand, using spices ground and sourced in mills in the UK. They are all based on recipes that my amazing mum has passed onto me from her mum, and so on. And they are definitely all meals that I cook and eat with my family.

I have spent most of my adult life working in a corporate environment. But then I became a mum (or ‘mom’ as us Brummies would say!) and I decided that spending time with my wonderful son and husband were more important. So that’s what I’m doing; spending my days creating new flavours, making customers happy with their creations and feeding my boys good wholesome food!

I really hope you enjoy my spice blends. If you have suggestions or ideas for new creations, I’d love to hear from you!

A really fun afternoon, Mama Dor is super helpful and great company, with a real skill and know how for Indian cuisine. Would highly recommend to anyone of any age who would like to be a little more able in the kitchen! Particularly liked the lamb dish this evening. Thanks for your help!
— Callum
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One to one cookery lessons

Do you love Indian food and want to learn more about the spices and techniques? Or do you simply lack the confidence to cook for the family? Look no further! Mama Dor’s Kitchen also offers one to one cookery lessons. Book for two, three or four hours and get one to one insight and lessons on how to make the perfect Indian meal, tailored to suit the needs of you and your family. Limited to the Oxfordshire area only. Gift vouchers available.

Contact us for more information.

I’ve just enjoyed an amazing evening of cooking and mouth wateringly good food. Mama Dor has demystified Indian cooking and made it healthy, affordable and achievable at home for me now
— Laura F
Great afternoon in kitchen cooking everything up and watch eye of MD and now tucking in to the spoils of the afternoon toils. Can’t imagine settling for the same old takeaways again, and with plenty spare to put in the freezer - I’m almost looking forward to that late night last minute meal! If you’ve never cooked Indian food before or just want to spread your wings in to some thing new - this is the experience day for you. Five stars all round Mama D!
— Tim
We don’t have takeaways anymore because they are a disappointment in comparison to Mama Dor’s
— Sam


All Mama Dor’s blends come with an easy to follow recipe card to give you an authentic Indian dish.

But the blends are versatile and many can be used to create new and entirely different dishes, with an authentic flavour! On this page, you’ll find new ideas and recipes using Mama Dor’s blends. The recipes have been provided as a downloadable PDF, so that you can print or save in your favourite Mama Dor’s folder!

If you have a recipe you’ve used that you’d like added to this page, drop me an email here - remember to add pictures to your recipe ideas!

Sweetcorn Fritters2.jpg

Sweetcorn and red onion fritters

Using Mama Dor’s Onion Bhaji mix, create these healthy and delicious bite sized fritters. A perfect way to get vegetables into your little ones, and no deep frying required!

Click here for the recipe

Crispy Chicken.jpg

Non-Fried Crispy Chicken

Try this non-friend crispy chicken, using Mama Dor’s Gujarati Chicken Masala Spice Blend. This recipe uses ground almonds instead of breadcrumbs to make it gluten-free. And is baked rather than fried to keep it healthy.

Click here for the recipe

Tandoori Prawns.JPG

Tandoori Prawns

Perfect for the BBQ. Simple to make. Delicious to eat. What more can you ask for?!

Click here for the recipe

Vegetable Fritters.jpg

Vegetable Fritters

Another simple way to get vegetables into your little ones (and fussy adults too!). This recipe uses the Mama Dor’s Onion Bhaji Blend. Play around with the vegetables you use, this is a really versatile dish!

Click here for the recipe

Naan Bread.JPG

Garlic Naan Bread

This one doesn’t use any of my Spice Blends, but it’s a recipe that many people ask for. And it’s my favourite naan bread recipe, it never fails!

Click here for the recipe

Lamb Kleftico.JPG

Lamb ‘Kleftico’

Slow roasted lamb shoulder. This recipe uses the Mama Dor’s Karahi Lamb Spice Blend. The prep takes less than 5mins, and then it’s a case of leaving it in the oven, while you go about your day! Simple and delicious.

Click here for the recipe



Again, there’s no using Mama Dor’s spice blends for this one. But this one is a Dor family favourite. Simple, healthy and so quick to make!

Click here for the recipe

Bombay Vegetables.jpg

Bombay Vegetables

Sometimes, veg needs a bit of spicing up! And when that happens, use the Mama Dor’s Bombay Potatoes Spice Blend to make a simple & nutritious side dish.

Click here for the recipe

Roasted Spice Cauliflower.jpg

Roasted Spiced Cauliflower

This one could not be an easier! Made using the Saag Aloo Spice Blend, it brings out the delicious sweetness of the cauliflower, with minimal effort.

Click here for the recipe